Fingas doing a funnel at Rookie's island. I think there was some rum in it...honest!

The after effects of doing the funnel.

James gettin head from Jamie(can't seem much, but the shit james says is good).

Alana playin golf at JS

Fingas driving at JS

James going down the rail at CW

Rookie going down the rail at CW

Collie walkin underwater!

James on a pogo stick. Conway said he's better but it wasn't on camera.

Here is Jean doing his skydiving thing. Its a large file to keep the detail, so be patient.

Nick and Conway have an altercation at minigolf!!

Turn down the radio, everyone shhhhh....check Collis!

Conway fucking with the rookie at Mikados

Jack, Bruno, Conway, and Fingas enjoying some tunes, although i dont think Jack knows the lyrics!!

Some more def poetry from JS tower (again, dont ask). [Long]

Some def poetry from JS tower, courtesy of Alana and Scott (dont even ask). [Long]

Alana making condoms

Alana making condoms (Bloopers)